Product info:

Follow your fellow swashbucklers on the high seas as you seek out treasure and gold with your very own pirate ship! This wall sticker collection includes pirates, cannons, and all the gold you need to conquer the ocean!

Product Description/ Set Contents:

1x glossy vinyl sheet (H) 100cm (W) 25cm.
Total items in set 41.
Skull with swords (H) 9cm (W) 12cm.
Blue eyed pirate with sword (H) 14.5cm (W) 10cm.
Pirate ship (H) 19cm (W) 17cm.
Cannon (H) 8cm (W) 12cm.
Pirate parrot (H) 12cm (W) 14cm.
SKU: Pship.06.L The Pirates Are Comming