Product info:

Is your little one ready to experience new planets and soar throughout the solar system? With their very own rocket ship, they’ll be on their way to exploring new galaxies in no time! Our Original Rockets wall sticker features an array of unique and playful rocket ships designed to inspire your child’s imagination!

Product Description/ Set Contents:

1x Vinyl sheet (H) 100cm (W) 25cm.
Total items In set 28.
Large blue rocket (H) 22cm (W) 19cm.
Orange rocket (H) 19cm (W) 8cm.
Planet earth (H) 11.5cm (W) 11.5cm.
Planet Saturn with pink rings (H) 11.5cm (W) 5cm.
Stars (H) 4.5cm (W) 4.5cm.
SKU: Rock.16.M The Original