Product info:

No construction site is complete with the right equipment, and our Striped Truck Construction Vehicles wall sticker set has it all! From large buildings to urban structures, your tiny foreman can create their own site and inspire new visions for future projects, all with a sticker or two!

Product Description/ Set Contents:

1x Vinyl sheet (H) 100cm (W) 25cm.
Total items in set 18.
Bulldozer (H) 11cm (W) 20.5cm.
Excavator (H) 16cm (W) 26cm.
Concrete Cement Mixer (H) 10.5cm (W) 23.5cm.
Dump Truck (H) 11.5cm (W) 23cm.
Road Sign (H) 6.5cm (W) 6.5cm.
Cones (H) 8cm (W) 6.5cm.

1x Vinyl sheet (H) 60cm (W) 70cm.
Total items in set 18.
Bulldozer (H) 15cm (W) 28cm.
Excavator (H) 21cm (W) 32cm.
Concrete Cement Mixer (H) 13cm (W) 30cm.
Dump Truck (H) 15cm (W) 29cm.
Road Sign (H) 9cm (W) 9cm.
Cones (H) 8cm (W) 6.5cm.

SKU: Cons.01.M Stripedtruck Construction Vehicles