Product info:

Bring their dreams of space travel to life, where shuttles and astronauts journey to explore far-off planets, with our Astro Solar System wall sticker. Designed to reflect the real features of planets and more, this sticker is sure to fuel their love of and passion for outer space adventure!

Product Description/ Set Contents:

1x Vinyl sheet (W) 70cm (H) 60cm.
Total items in set 58.
Sun (H) 19cm (W) 19cm.
Earth (H) 19cm (W) 19cm.
Space Shuttle (H) 29.5cm (W) 13cm.
Astronaut (H) 21.5cm (W) 17cm.
Satellite (H) 24cm (W) 8cm.
Asteroid (H) 4cm (W) 8cm.
Meteorites (H) 5cm (W) 12cm.
Stars (H) 3cm (W) 3cm.
SKU: SSYS.03.L PhotoRealAstro Solar System