Product info:

Create your very own solar system (and encouraging your child’s learning, too!) with our Jet Rocket Solar System wall sticker collection! Featuring rockets, planes, and planets, this solar system collection has it all and will delight your little astronaut!

Product Description/ Set Contents:

1x Vinyl sheet (W) 70cm (H) 60cm.
Total items in set 67.
Sun (H) 19.5cm (W) 19.5cm.
Earth (H) 14cm (W) 14cm.
Earth half cut (H) 7cm (W) 23cm.
Rocket (H) 15cm (W) 6cm.
Astronaut (H) 12cm (W) 7cm.
Satellite (H) 16cm (W) 6.5cm.
Satellite dish (H) 14cm (W) 10cm.
Saturn (H) 11cm (W) 32cm.
Asteroid (H) 6cm (W) 6cm.
Meteorites (H) 5 cm (W) 14cm.
Stars (H) 3cm (W) 3cm.
SKU: SSYS.05.L Jet Rocket Solar System