Product info:

Their whimsical wonderland awaits with our Heart Kiss Unicorn wall sticker, the perfect combination of subtle pastels and bright, bold touches of color for a uniquely dreamy design! This 2in1 sticker has been designed for your tiny tots obsessed with both horses and unicorns! Simply apply the horse wall sticker on your preferred surface, and transform it into a magical unicorn by applying the horn sticker! This wall sticker is available in both Large size as well as our NEW Extra Large size, as part of our brand new XL Wall Sticker series!

Product Description/ Set Contents:

1x Vinyl sheet (W) 70cm (H) 44cm = equivalent to = 2x A3 Large sheets.
Total items in set 38.
Unicorn (H) 41cm (W) 29cm.
Rainbow (H) 12cm (W) 22.5cm.
Large Clouds (H) 8.5cm (W) 15cm.
Large butterfly (H) 9cm (W) 12.5cm.
Medium butterfly (H) 4cm (W) 5.5cm.
Stars (H) 3.5cm (W) 3.5cm.

1x Vinyl sheet (W) 70cm (H) 85cm.
Total items in set 38.
Unicorn (H) 58.5cm (W) 40cm.
Rainbow (H) 17cm (W) 31.5cm.
Large clouds (H) 12cm (W) 20.5cm.
Small clouds (H) 6cm (W) 9cm.
Heart (H) 13.5cm (W) 15.5cm.
Large butterfly (H) 12cm (W) 18cm.
Medium butterfly (H) 8cm (W) 11cm.
Small butterfly (H) 5cm (W) 8cm.
Stars (H) 6.5cm (W) 6.5cm.

SKU: Unic.02.L.A3 Heart Kiss Unicorn