Product info:

Roar, stomp, boom! These wondrous dinosaur designs will bring the prehistoric creatures to life among your walls thanks to the animated and illustrative design of our Dinosaur sticker set! Placed on walls or along the base of a room for added whimsy, this sticker set yells ‘adventure!”

Product Description/ Set Contents:

1x Vinyl sheet (H) 100cm (W) 25cm.
Total items in set 43.
Triceratops - green dino spike on nose (H) 9cm (W) 23cm.
Tyrannosaurus rex - pink dino (H) 13cm (W) 19.5cm.
Stegosaurus - orange dino (H) 12cm (W) 21m.
Pterodactyl - flying red dino (H) 8.5cm (W) 16.5cm.
Crunch text (H) 6cm (W) 13cm.
Kabam text (H) 6cm (W) 14.5cm.
Dino foot prints (H) 2cm (W) 2.5cm.
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