Do you offer international shipping?

Currently, Get Sticking ships within the UK only. However, this may change in the future, so please feel free to check this page for shipping area updates!


Are your stickers safe for use in hospitals, schools, nurseries, etc?

We are proud to produce all of our stickers using Greenguard gold-certified, ECO-SOL MAX 3 inks; these inks are proven and certified as meeting some of the world’s most stringest and rigorous standards for low emissions of VOC (volatile organic compounds) into interior spaces!

Additionally, the ink’s Greenguard gold certification also includes safety factors that ensure our products are acceptable for use in environments such as homes, nurseries, schools, and hospitals, without the need for special ventilation or environmental equipment.

We’re also proud to utilize vinyl for our stickers which has been certified to be safe for use on a plethora of surfaces and in a range of environments.


Which materials are used to make your stickers?

Each of our wall stickers is made using the highest quality vinyl media, with a glare-free, ‘matte’ finish, in addition to Greenguard gold-certified inks, making our stickers safe for home, school, and hospital environments.

Our wall stickers are intentionally made ‘thin’ to achieve a mural-like finish; this means our wall stickers appear more natural, such as a painting on a wall as opposed to a wall decal. Additionally, the ‘matte’ finish of each sticker assists in preventing shine and glare for a more quality, professional look.


Can I apply your stickers to freshly painted walls or rooms?

While our stickers are made with the highest quality vinyl, freshly painted walls or surfaces may affect the adhesiveness of our stickers.

As with most wall stickers, your freshly painted surfaces should be allowed to dry for at least four (4) weeks prior to applying our stickers. This will help to ensure the wall stickers adhere to the surface and do not damage fresh paint beneath it. It is pertinent to ensure any painted surface is fully dry prior to applying any sticker.

When applying our stickers to a recently painted surface, it is recommended you take into consideration the temperature, dampness, and other environmental factors of the space.


Do your wall stickers apply to all surfaces?

When we create our stickers, we carefully design them with application in mind! That means our wall stickers are designed to adhere to virtually any clean, dry, flat, surface, such as tiles, doors, mirrors and, of course, walls!

However, we advise against applying our wall stickers to uneven, bumpy, or warped surfaces - that’s because uneven surfaces can cause air pockets beneath the adhesive backing of the sticker, and thus your sticker may not adhere properly to the chosen surface. For that same reason, we also recommend against applying your wall sticker to surfaces like brick or cement.

If you’re unsure as to whether your wall sticker will adhere to your dedicated surface, try a stick test - place a small corner of your sticker on the surface and check to see whether it adheres. Doing so can hep you better determine where you should place your sticker (and will prevent damaging the sticker)!


Can the wall stickers be reused or repositioned?

Our wall stickers can be repositioned to best suit your design needs, however, please be aware that consistent removal and reapplication of any wall sticker can result in the loss of complete adhesiveness.

A simple tip is to lightly apply your sticker to the intended surface and reposition as needed before firmly pressing or applying it to your surface. Our stickers are simple to remove without any sticky residue!


How do I apply my wall sticker(s)?

Our wall stickers adhere best to clean, dry and flat surfaces. To apply, simply remove the back layer from the sticker and apply it to the intended surface, smoothing the sticker as you go.

If you need to reposition the sticker, avoid firmly pressing down on the sticker until you have positioned it to your liking, then firmly smooth the sticker along the surface, pressing down on the edges.


How do I remove my wall sticker(s)?

Removal is easy!

Start by gently (and slowly!) peeling back one edge of the sticker, working your way along the edges as you go. You may wish to use a heat source (such as a blow dryer) on a very low setting to warm the adhesive, which can assist with removal.

The key to successfully removing your stickers from their surface, without damage, is to avoid trying to tear or rip the sticker off of the surface.


I’d like a custom sticker; do you provide custom options?

Great question! We do not currently offer custom sticker options; please feel free to check this page for the status of custom options in the future!


Will the sticker(s) cause damage if I remove them?

As all surfaces are different, and some surfaces may be affected by environmental factors (such as temperature, dampness, humidity, wall material, paint, etc), we cannot guarantee that the removal of a sticker won’t cause damage to the intended surface. Get Sticking is not responsible for any damage caused during the application and/or removal of any of our products.


How are your products priced?

All of our wall stickers are priced in GBP (British pound sterling).