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Explore Under the Sea Water World with our Magical Mermaid Look Book Moodboard

Kids spend a lot of time in their rooms sleeping, playing, and just dallying around. Therefore, the rooms should mimic their cute little personalities. This magical mermaid sticker is meant exactly for that! The vibrant and fun colours of the sticker make it a cynosure in any room.


Mermaid wall sticker decals on a white background.       Mermaid wall stickers laid out on girls bedroom wall above a blue bed.











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Most girl’s bedrooms are decorated in typical pinks and whites. So, if you want to ditch the crowd, it’s time that you take a turn towards this purple paradise. The magical mermaid wall sticker adds a unique persona to the room. If you are struggling to glam up your princess’s room, here is your saviour. This gorgeous selection of purple, pink and gold will brighten your kid’s eyes the moment they see it. All the products chosen in this Magical Mermaid Wall Sticker Look book are cute and colourful just like your daughter! To complement the saturated purple, you can use white and neutrals to get a cosier feel. Along with being comfortable, the gold touches look super vogue. What makes this mermaid sticker eclectic is the gold rush. How often do you see such fancy stickers anyway? To bring together space cohesively you can use accent gold.

If you want a unique kid’s décor, try your hands on this magical mermaid-themed heaven with the goodness of under-water charm. The best thing about Magical Mermaid Wall Sticker is that you can remove and reposition it any time. The bubble-free finish of these stickers makes them look seamless and just perfect. And brownie points for 11 pieces that can be stuck anywhere; be it a wall or furniture item.

Mermaid wall sticker set on purple wall surrounded by storage drawers, bed, rug, dressing table with a chair.

Remember, as kids how much we loved the enchanting under-water life? It is time to make that childhood dream come true for your kid, because every girl deserves a mermaid decor in her room!

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